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Few Words Thursday…

… because I missed Wordless Wednesday yesterday

… because this photo deserves a blog post

… because it sums up the good times we had, hiking the dogs we pet sat for three months (we will miss them)

… because tomorrow the “Blogging from A to Z Challenge” starts, and that means a bunch of words every day! 🙂

Resting on the top of a hill with Henry and Mickey

South Kent, CT: January 3rd – March 30th, 2016

Mark and I can hardly believe it, but our three-month house sit in South Kent has finished. We picked the owners, Steve and Alison, up at the airport of Hartford yesterday and met their newest family member: sweet and precious Paco, a stray puppy from Mexico. It was quite a shock for him to fly on a plane, meet new people, feel the cooler climate, drive an hour and a half in the car, discover his new home, and get acquainted with his new brothers Mickey and Henry and feathery siblings Koo Koo and Tutu. All in a time span of 12 hours. He is adjusting well and will have a fantastic life in Kent, and so will their pet sitters next year! Continue reading

A Walk in Housatonic Meadows State Park

It was a cold Saturday in March. Since it was the weekend, Mark and I wanted to take the dogs we are pet sitting for a decent walk in nature, as usual. An area we had not checked out yet since being here for almost three months, was Lake Waramaug.

Only a 15 minute drive away, we found what some call the prettiest lake in Connecticut. Continue reading

A House Full of Creativity and Art

As I mentioned in my previous blog, one of the most interesting things about house sitting is the people we meet. All of them have impressed us with their hospitality, mindsets and friendliness. What sets our present home owners apart even more are their past and current achievements. Steve Katz, a founding band member of Blood, Sweat, and Tears had his moment of fame in my last blog, so today, I am commemorating his wife Alison Palmer.

From the moment we met, Alison exuded talent. Continue reading

My Rock and Roll Months (Without the Blood and the Sweat)

One of the best things about house sitting is the interesting people we meet. When Mark and I applied for this current house sit in Kent, we did not know much about the owners. Once we were pre-screened for the “job”, Mark had a phone conversation with them to set up a meeting (I was in Belgium at the time) and to find out if they were reasonable people. 🙂 Then, we did a quick Google search for Steve Katz and Alison Palmer, and learned that they were both accomplished artists. (I will share Alison’s main website in my next blog.)

Steve and Alison (Photo courtesy Steve Katz)

Steve and Alison (Photo courtesy Steve Katz)

“Alison and I are both jealous of each other’s careers,” Steve said, when we met him and his wife, last fall. Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday – Bridge to a Less Evil World

Bridge to peace

May(be) we find peace and love on the other side

Blogging from A to Z Challenge

A to Z Blogging Challenge

“Are you going to join the A to Z Challenge this year?” my best friend Rosie asked me on the phone a few weeks ago, “I’d love to take it on, but I don’t’ think I will have time in April with all the sailing we plan to do.” The what challenge? And, why would this take so much time? I had never heard about the A to Z Blogging Challenge, so I looked it up online. The idea peaked my interest and a few days later, I signed up. Continue reading

Six Word Saturday (3)

Often We Create Our Own Issues


Instead of creating joyful experiences

Doing the things we love and appreciate most

At our own pace; without stress and pressure

Savoring those unique moments

Embracing the wonderful things of our world

Don’t forget: we have a choice,

And life, while precious, is pretty short!


Irie in peaceful Taravai, Gambier Islands, French Polynesia

Irie in peaceful Taravai, Gambier Islands, French Polynesia

A Day in the Life of a House Sitter – Kent, CT

This is the second blog in my series “A Day in the Life of a House Sitter”. The first one described an average day during our two week house sit in The Villages, FL last December.

House sitters can mostly stick to their own schedule while taking care of somebody’s home while the owners are on holiday, a sabbatical or a business trip. As long as the owners’ pets have a happy life, while they are away. The pets – two dogs and two parrots here in Kent– are our priority. Of course, we also watch the house, run a few errands and communicate with the owners about anything that comes up or needs attention. Most of the time, we live our own lives in our “borrowed” home and enjoy the company of our “borrowed” pets. In our current situation, we also appreciate the inspiring vibe created by the home owners, who are accomplished and well-known artists. I will get to that in a future blog… Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday – Wonderful Hiking Companion

I will miss this guy!

I will miss this guy!

(Submitted to Wordless Wednesday)

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