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Day Trips around Santa Fe, NM โ€“ Bandelier National Monument

New Mexico state has so many natural and cultural treasures, that when the weekend approaches, Mark and I are filled with excitement and the promise of wonderful excursions. We pack our camper van up and only have to drive an hour or two to reach enough sites to fill days. Of course, we only have two of those a week, and, after a tiring work week, immediately getting on the road Friday night is not the way we like to approach our time off. Instead, we have a glass of wine and a snack, make an ever-pleasing vegetarian pizza, and put a few things in the camper before picking up the mail or in between watering the plants.

On Saturday, we have a not-to-early start and depart to our destination, in this case, Bandelier National Monument, NW of Santa Fe. Continue reading

Then and Now – Yoga

This is my last “Then and Now” post for the time being, and I think it is perfect for Wordless Wednesday as well! ๐Ÿ™‚

Then – San Blas Islands, Panama, 2012

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Weight Loss Experiment โ€“ Take 1

In November, I did a case study. Of myself. After months of staring at massive bathroom mirrors and the reflection being exactly the same, I remained disgusted and could not deny the horrible truth anymore: I am (getting) fat. For months, I thought all the scales in the houses we took care of were wrong. Yes, I was that naive. Until recently, when facing โ€“ and admitting to โ€“ reality. It boils down to this: I am not all-around fat; it just has accumulated in certain spots. My body has been disproportionate for a decade: skinny on top, bulky on the bottom. Recently, the bulkier parts can be labelled fat and some new areas of concern have appeared.

People that have known me for a long time are probably raising their eyebrows reading a post about weight lossโ€ฆ coming from me! Most of those people have probably not seen me in a while either. Yes, I was skinny as a teenager and happy with my weight in my twenties and thirties. Sure, I was still OK wearing bikinis on our boat two years ago, ignoring the emerging belly fat, attempting to sit up straight when in company. And then, I turned 40. I like to blame the unruly weight gain on my age, but it might have to do with Mark and I swapping our challenging boat life for a more sedentary and comfortable house sitting life as well. Food is readily available in a plethora of varieties now. Sitting behind the computer all day and eating more western food probably didnโ€™t help. Despite going for a decent walk almost daily, I gained 10 pounds in the last yearโ€ฆ How do I get rid of that, at this age, with temptations everywhere? Continue reading

H is for Health

Day 8 of the A to Z Blogging Challenge – Thoughts on Being a Nomad

โ€œYour health is the most important thing in life,โ€ my paternal grandmother told me (in Dutch) when I was a teenager. I looked at her and shrugged. I had much more important things going on, like making sure that my friends and boyfriend liked me.

โ€œYou are so right about seeing the world while you are still young,โ€ my maternal grandmother said, when my nomad behavior was frowned upon by everyone else. โ€œSo many people wait until they are too old and their health is not what it used to be,โ€ she wisely added. I was in my twenties and I agreed with her. About my age being perfect for living outside the box, ignoring the possible health issues part. I kept traveling.

Good health is required to hike in the tropics

Good health is required to hike in the tropics

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How to Get Spoiled with a Tasty, Healthy and Affordable Dinner Every Night?

Cooking asparagus and shrimp

Cooking asparagus and shrimp

The answer: marry Mark. But, since Mark is already taken โ€“ sorry ladies – try marrying someone who loves to cook, someone who cares about healthy food, someone who is as frugal as you and someone who is creative in the kitchen. Ideally, all these someones are one and the same! In appreciation, you can do the dishes and, to keep the scrumptious meals coming, take care of the shopping as well. ๐Ÿ™‚ Continue reading

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