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Finding Our Next House Sit: Check!

Over the last couple of months, Mark and I have seen some attractive house sits in the south and the west of the United States, but also in Mexico. We were personally contacted and invited to house and pet sit in Belize and in Nevada. The offers sounded very attractive, but Mark and I decided that we would spend another summer in New England. The advantages? We are closer to friends and family over the “social season”, it is cheaper and more convenient for me to fly to Belgium from the East Coast than elsewhere in the country, our health care facilities and Wirie business are located in Massachusetts, and summer in this area is fun, beautiful and pleasant. By the fall, however, the West Coast might be calling…

A few weeks ago, I read about a long-term house sit on a maple farm in Western Massachusetts starting mid-April. When doing a little more research about the farm, we found out that the location was peaceful and close to Vermont (one of the states I have not visited yet) and that the owners have a sailboat in the South Pacific on which they do conservation work in Vanuatu. As if it was meant to be, I contacted the owners with a nice email, explaining why we would be “perfect” to watch their dog and house and they responded positively. We had a Skype interview, and a few days later they chose us to be their next house sitters.

On Thursday, Mark and I made the 2.5 hour drive from South Kent, CT to Heath, MA to meet the owners of the maple farm and their dog. Our little road trip turned out to be very successful: the house (which the owners built themselves) is roomy and comfortable, the area is remote, quiet and woodsy, the couple is very interesting and accommodating (we had a lot to talk about and ran out of time), and the dog Jenny is a sweetheart. Conclusion: we both feel pretty good to call this place home for five months over the spring and summer!


  1. Well it certainly looks beautiful. And the fact that the owners are sailing the Pacific is kismet ⛵️

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