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Gloucester, MA: October 6th – October 20th 2015


Our wonderful companion for two weeks

When Mark and I first found out about house sitting and the opportunities it offered, we immediately knew it was “our thing”. And, when we actually started browsing the availabilities online, the real excitement could begin! We felt like kids anticipating something fun to do, like teenagers planning an adventure out of the house and like adults browsing real estate pages online. It was almost comparable to planning a holiday. Almost… We came across a few potential house sits, sent off some messages and soon after, committed to our first long term house sit, which isn’t until January 2016. Landing our initial “gig” quite easily, we were encouraged to keep looking for something that would take place a bit sooner.

Just before I left to St. Petersburg with my mom in September, a promising ad for a two week house and pet sit in Gloucester, Massachusetts, showed up. We applied, impressed the owners with our profile, were contacted by phone, and right after were selected for the “job”. So, while it wasn’t the first sit we agreed to, Gloucester was the first one we turned from merely a concept into reality. That reality was sweet and everything we hoped for!

A modest flat – not too big to clean and not too small to live comfortably – with a view of the ocean, located ½ mile from a nice beach, became our home for two weeks. A wonderful, beautiful, kind and obedient dog became our loved pet for just as long. Mark and I enjoyed a regular lifestyle of computer work during the day, a long walk late afternoon – either to the beach or in the neighborhood – and Netflix TV at night. During the weekends, we explored the area of Gloucester and Rockport (more about that in future blogs), saw friends or took our four-legged friend to a forest or park. It was an introduction to how most of the people we know live their lives and we appreciated the routine, the conveniences, and having our own space and privacy. House sitting: we could do this… and we wanted more!

Best feature(s): A wide-open beach in walking distance, a nice view from the balcony

Best gadget(s): Netflix TV

Surprise(s): The owners gave us some pure lavender oil from their trip to France

Downside(s): We couldn’t take dog Zyla home with us, and we wished the sit was longer 🙂

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  1. What a wonderful way to travel…and to have the companionship of dogs along the way is icing on the cake!

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