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Gloucester, Massachusetts

Fisherman's memorial

A big advantage of house sitting is that you can move around the state, the country and even the world to check out new areas while performing house and pet sitting duties. The thought of immersing ourselves in these new places by staying for prolonged periods of time is one of the main reasons for Mark and me to commit to this exciting lifestyle. So far, we have focused our sitting assignments in New England, because it is the most convenient region for us, in regards to family, friends, our business and health care. We enjoy this semi-settled “normal” lifestyle for now; the comfortable and rewarding routine suits us. We work hard on our “careers” during the week, aiming to be as productive as possible, and try to take the weekends off. During those weekends, we either see friends and family, or we go on a little excursion or hike. While house sitting in Gloucester, we managed to visit the downtown area and explore some of the surroundings, like Dogtown, Good Harbor Beach and Wingaersheer Beach  whenever the weather was cooperative.

Downtown Gloucester

Dogtown Park


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  1. You are making me home sick!!!! Of course, ‘home’ was a bit further south, but I loved MA and ME and your images are reminding me why.

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