Responsible, considerate, respectful, adventurous and dog-adoring couple looking for (long term) house and pet sits

Papeete, Tahiti

We are Mark (from the US) and Liesbet (from Belgium), a married couple in our forties, who moved ashore in 2015, after an eight-year journey and life aboard our catamaran Irie. We are nature lovers who care for the environment and adore dogs. We are very compassionate about them, have an easy time connecting with them, and involve them into our lives as much as possible (or desired). Our own rescued Australian Shepherd mixes, Kali and Darwin, who were our full-time companions for many years, sadly passed away. As our friends and family, we took them with us wherever and whenever possible. They were an inspiration and a deciding factor of the routes and decisions throughout our travels.

Mark and I have lived an alternative lifestyle since meeting each other many moons ago. Our adventures include a yearlong camper trip throughout Mexico and Central America and an eight year sailing trip throughout the Caribbean and the South Pacific. We are very responsible, considerate, social, respectful, honest, punctual, clean and organized people who are great at communicating. We leave no footprint and don’t require much. That being said, we do love a good shower, fast internet, a decent place to work, a comfortable couch and the loving company of dogs! We both work from home, are non-smokers, don’t use drugs and have clean police records. One of us is allergic to cats, but outdoor ones will lovingly be taken care of and cuddled by the non-allergic one!

House sitting is the perfect lifestyle for us right now, since we like to get settled for periods of time, while focusing on our freelance careers. Until the next adventure presents itself. Sits of 2-3 months work best, but we might consider shorter (or longer) term assignments as well.  We are as much looking forward to pet sitting as to house sitting, because we miss having animals around, especially dogs. We hope to mean the world to your beloved animals and to make them a temporary part of our lives. Compassionate about dogs, we love walking and hiking with them, taking them with us to dog friendly places, cuddle them as much as they like and even snuggle up with them in bed or the couch if allowed! Just “tolerating” animals is not our style.

We have owned and maintained several houses, a truck camper and a sailboat, and have been fortunate enough to have cared for and shared our lives with several dogs (and cats) over the last 20+ years. We have had many short term stays at various friends’ houses around the world and have been house and pet sitting successfully since October 2015.

Having lived in many remote places on our own, we have learned how to deal with issues ourselves and to be pro-active about possible problems. We are extremely responsible and there is no worry about your house and pets being taken care of very well, while you are away. We treat animals, houses and properties as if they were ours, with the necessary amount of love, care and respect. You will come home to a clean home and happy pets!

Completed house sits with immaculate 5-star reviews: 2 weeks in Gloucester, MA / 2.5 weeks in Greenwich, CT / 2 weeks in The Villages, FL/ 3 months in South Kent, CT / 4.5 months in Heath, MA / 1 week in Truro (Cape Cod), MA/ 3 months in Rocklin, CA / 1 week in Fairfax, CA / 3 weeks in Costa Mesa, CA / 1 week in Oakland, CA / 2 months in Sebastopol, CA / 3 weeks in Oakland, CA / 3 weeks in Sebastopol, CA / 1 month in Santa Fe, NM / 1 month in Rollinsville, CO / 3.5 months in San Diego, CA.

We are currently house and dog sitting in Albuquerque, New Mexico until the end of March 2018.

Future house sits:

* Santa Fe, NM – from March 29 until May 24, 2018

Current availability: May 24, 2018 until ….

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