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Monthly Expenses – August 2017

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Every month, I post a report of our expenses to show that it is possible to live a comfortable, exciting and relatively adventurous life without breaking the bank. The less money you spend, the less you need to make. 🙂 That being said, Mark and I seem to manage one big expense a month for some reason, whether it is car, plane, travel or computer-related. Luckily, we live totally rent-free, wherever we end up.

This report includes ALL of our expenses, in US$, for the two of us. Under groceries we incorporate all the food, produce and non-alcoholic drinks (100% orange juice, almond milk for Mark and organic 2% milk for me) predominantly bought in supermarkets. Toiletries belong in that category as well. Dining out means eating at a restaurant/event or purchasing take-out food. The health category covers non-prescription medicines and Mark's vitamins and supplements; medical contains prescription drugs and doctor's visits. Utilities are always Skype-related, since that is how we make phone calls. 

Health insurance and costs are related to my health care. Mark is still eligible for free health care in the state of Massachusetts as of today. If a non-emergency were to happen outside of that state, it will be expensive! For check-ups, we return to the East Coast. I still pay a small quarterly fee in Belgium for health care (required to keep my citizenship), which I mention in my year report.

August was another expensive month for us, thanks to being new camper van owners. Between fuel (long trips in California and to New Mexico for our current house sit), maintenance to and items bought for our Westy, we spent almost US$1000! At least now we know where our money goes. Once we realized the impact of this, about half-way through the month, we tightened our belts, postponed some planned Amazon purchases to September, and attempted to keep other expenses as low as possible. The result is not too bad, but I can't wait to go out and spoil ourselves one of these months! 🙂

Zesty in New Mexico

August 2017 Overview:

Car (Zesty repairs: $654, diesel: $270):


Dining out:

Annual Credit Card fee:

Health insurance Liesbet:


Utilities (annual fee Skype phone #):

Clothing (2 T-shirts of Peacetown in Sebastopol):

Household (camper items):

Charity (Best Friends):



Drinking out:



















$ 1529


  1. I think overall you did very well all things considered. We have had a couple of really low months and then a couple of average months but I think that once this month is up ours will get higher because we know “Sherman” is going to need a bit of tender loving care before we hit the road running in mid November.


    • Ruth, you are so right about the averages. It was the same on our boat. Sometimes, we would have really cheap months, only spending money on groceries, but, when some projects had to be taken care of, the expenses went through the roof! Before hitting the road, campers do need a bit more attention and TLC. Hopefully, Sherman is almost up to snuff. 🙂 What are your plans and where are you right now?

  2. I will definitely suggest doing the same to my partner! Very useful, thank you 🙂

    • Keeping track of what we spend makes us think twice before spending money on “frivolous” things. Thanks for your visit and comment, Daria.

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