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Monthly Expenses – June 2016

Every month, I post a report of our expenses to show that it is possible to live a comfortable, exciting and relatively adventurous life without being rich. Or even without owning/earning a lot of money. That being said, Mark and I seem to manage one big expense a month for some reason, whether it is car, plane, travel or computer-related. Luckily, we live totally rent-free and in comfort, wherever we end up. 🙂

This report includes ALL of our expenses, for the two of us. Under groceries we incorporate all the food, produce and non-alcoholic drinks (100% orange juice, oat milk for Mark and organic 2% milk for me) predominantly bought in supermarkets. Dining out means eating at a restaurant and/or take-out food. The health category covers medicines and Mark's vitamins and supplements. Utilities are always phone and Skype-related, now that our internet is free. 

Here is an overview of our expenses in June.  Once again, we did not manage to stay under $1000. Maybe next month? The grocery bill was much higher than usual, because we organized a family gathering over the 4th July weekend at our current place. After months of having no sound, "off balance" color settings, random crashes and regular "freezes"  on my three-year-old computer (which Mark, my personal IT-guy, did not want to touch anymore for the last six months, because the thing frustrated him too much), I finally gave in and bought a new computer for a great price on eBay. Next week, it will be up and running. Thank you, IT-guy!

June 2016 Overview:


Computer (Liesbet):


Travel (2 nights of camping in Vermont):

Car - fuel (grocery runs and exploring Vermont):

Dining out:

Household (tarp for tent and parts for inner tubes):

Entertainment (Whitewater Festival):

Charity (Best Friends):

Drinking out:


Utilities (phone):



















$ 1009


  1. Liesbet whenever I read this I have to admit I am completely inspired to live a more minimal life. One question do you use a cell phone?

    • I don’t have a cell phone and use Skype to call two people a week: my mom (2 cents a minute to Belgium) and my best friend (free). I’m even minimal when it comes to social contacts. 🙂 Mark does have an Android Smartphone (or whatever it is called) and hates it. But, it was a free phone (don’t ask me how he does it, but he researches everything until he finds the best deal). We spend about $30 for two months on a plan we never use, but buy to keep the phone number. There is no cell phone service where we are house sitting now, so he uses Skype for business calls and other calls on this phone or his computer. But, when we drive around, we do have this phone as a communication and GPS device. Only recently, we realized we could submit the charges as a business expense. 🙂

  2. Now if we could only stop eating and using computers! I just got the statement from our primary credit card and was so excited to see it was $600 (half of which was for fuel and truck storage). I love the months we’re cruising — they’re so much kinder on our budget!

    Stephanie @ SV CAMBRIA

    • I totally agree, Stephanie. The monthly costs are so much lower when cruising (of course the month of the big stock-up is not) and I truly enjoyed looking at the numbers back then, especially when they were less than $500 (we rarely bought fuel the last years and spent quit a bit of time in the same anchorage, and the stores did not offer much variety). I miss those months, but not the ones when big boat expenses were due (like haulouts, which we did once a year, or buying boat parts in faraway places). A credit card charge of only $600 is great! Keep it up this summer… 🙂

  3. That’s a great price on your computer! I remember the agony of having to bit the bullet and get a new one too. Took a huge chunk out of the monthly budget.

    • Yes, I remember your posts about the troubles with your own computer (and your bold attempts at fixing it) and how it affected your budget. I hope you are happy with yours. I will try mine out later this week, when Mark has had some time syncing it up with my old one. He already cleaned it up and installed the programs I need. (Yes, I am lucky to have an expert at my side.)

  4. Congratulations on the new computer

    • Thanks! I am hoping to start using it later this week. It will be so nice to be able to watch a video again with sound! 🙂

  5. I am curious about the phrase “now that our internet is free”. Does that mean you use the internet at your house sits? Or some other way?. Sorry if you have explained this before.

    • Hello Catherine and welcome! When we were sailing around on our boat, we needed to buy data or sign up and pay for WiFi networks to get online. Once in a while, we would pick up free signals with our long range WiFi system (which is our own product :-)), but only in popular and densely inhabited areas. Now, we use the internet available at our house sits. When we apply for these sits, it is our only requirement: that the home has decent internet. So far, this has not been an issue, and we have been able to use the WiFi in each house. Some connections are faster than others, but we have been managing fine. The owners pay for all utilities in the house, since we take care of the property and the pet(s).

  6. Smart way to spend money and maintain your quality your daily life. 🙂

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