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Monthly Expenses – March 2016

Every month, I put an expense report together for the two of us. Last month, Mark and I spent a little bit more than in February, for which our car is to blame.  The grocery bill was relatively low, while all the other categories remain average for us. Here is an overview of our expenses in US$ for the two of us last month:

March 2016 Overview:

Car – 6 month insurance ($304) and fuel ($41):


Dining out:

Health (vitamins):


Utilities (phone, Skype credit):

Computer software (tax filing):


Drinking out:

Miscellaneous (dog walking):


















  1. I always get excited when the first credit card bills come in after we’ve cleared the expenses for getting the boat ready for a season — we hardly spend a dime and it’s wonderful!

    Cheers, Stephanie

    • It sure is wonderful! We used to be so happy on the boat on the “free days” or $300 months. Of course, when we average it all out and add the $2000 – $3000 months for boat gear or stocking up to the mix, the reality looks a bit different… 🙂

  2. Your grocery bill does look quite good this month! This house sitting thing of yours is great in terms of saving on rent/mortgage/slip fees etc.

    • Definitely! It is such a great exchange of “services” and we live totally rent-free. Still, every month, there seems to be a relatively big expense for something, like car insurance, taxes, plane ticket, … When on the boat, we would have monthly expenses of under $500 often. Those were the months without big things to fix or big stock-ups! 🙂

  3. way to go!! I need to work harder on eating/cooking at home instead of doing take-out. you’ve inspired me. =)

    • Thanks, Lauren. If you eat out less often, it remains a special thing to do, I find. (But, so many times, I don’t feel like cooking, though… :-() Personally, I think a lot of people could save money by making and taking their own lunch to work and not splurging on cups of coffee or bakery treats every day. It all adds up. It’s all about priorities and how you choose and enjoy to spend your money.

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