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Rockport, Massachusetts

Posing on T-Wharf

I am catching up on a few places that we have visited while house sitting. I guess you can call these posts “photo blogs”, since I am mainly wanting to share some sites we enjoyed on our days off. Rockport is a cute town, very close to Gloucester. It was the first time for Mark and I (so was Gloucester) to explore this little gem on the water; the day coincided with their “Harvest Fest”. Many buildings are historical, the store, cafe and restaurant fronts are attractive and the harbor area is a pleasant place to be.

The red “fishing” shack on the pier, called Motif Number 1, is known as the most often-painted building in America, if not the world. It is definitely the most photographed structure in New England, and is picturesque, indeed! Mark and I truly enjoyed strolling around this town, which has become one of our favorites in the US.

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  1. I can see why Motif Number 1 is so often photographed. It SCREAMS New England and Americana. I love your pictures of it. Makes me want to come home.

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