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A Very Important Woman – My Oma

Today’s blog post is a difficult one for me. I have written emotion-laden blogs before, like the one about our sweet, smart and cute dogs Kali and Darwin and the one about my sister-in-law Dru. I never wrote about my dear aunt Monique or my paternal grandma I called meter. Both also passed away while Mark and I were sailing the seven seas. During all those years abroad, I had one massive dread and worry. It had to do with my maternal grandma, my oma, who I loved more and longer than most anyone else.

When I was thinking about this subject, I realized it is International Women’s Day today. Perfect! What better day to celebrate the woman who meant so much to me, my whole life? Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday – Against the Odds

I have decided to post photos (or videos) of past travels in general and our eight year sailing adventure on SV Irie in particular for Wordless Wednesdays.  Also, I can’t manage “completely wordless”, but I’ll try my best at “almost wordless”. 🙂

With thousands of photos and tons of movies haphazardly archived over the years, I can’t easily pick what to post, so I use the weekly prompt of the Daily Post to inspire my Wordless Wednesdays. This week’s Daily Post photography theme is “against the odds“.

Mark does not like to pose for photos, so whenever I can convince him to be in a photo together, against all odds, it makes me happy, let alone when he actually agrees to kiss me! In some ways, the first photo is an all-in-one, what with it being Valentine’s Day yesterday (we do not celebrate this commercial event, but love each other nevertheless, even on an eight-hour drive from Southern to Northern California through heavy traffic in LA) and the WordPress theme “shadow” of last week.  Be brave, adventurous and live against the odds! 🙂

Love on a beach in Acadia National Park, Maine, USA

Hiking in Point Reyes National Seashore, California, USA

Have you done or seen anything against the odds recently?

L is for Love

Day 12 of the A to Z Blogging Challenge – Thoughts on Being a Nomad


Love. Another one of those big and meaningful words, like freedom. One can love many things: possessions, animals, people, dreams, activities, hobbies, food, fashion, photo books, memories… the list goes on forever. My deepest love, in no particular order, goes out to nature, family and friends and my husband. Since the first two subjects of my endearment will be covered in future blogs, this one will focus on the purest form of love I have for the person who is closest to me, physically and psychologically.

Wedding photo in St. Martin

Wedding photo in St. Martin

Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday – Bridge to a Less Evil World

Bridge to peace

May(be) we find peace and love on the other side

Six Word Saturday (2)

 Ready for the Weekend to Start

A crisp start of the day
while Mark’s still away
He will be home soon
I think around noon

Decay on the ground,
but blue sky abound
Is spring in the air?
I do like to share
this gorgeous day off
with my American love.

(Submitted to Six Word Saturday)

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