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Weekly Photo Blog – Mirror

This week, I am breaking my blogging routine. Instead of posting photos for Wordless Wednesday, I am sharing them today. This week’s Daily Post photo challenge theme is “mirror“.

I really enjoy blue sky days and the reflections the sun creates in lakes, ponds and rivers; even in the ocean on a very calm day. Instead of going through my archives, digging up photos of the past, I am sharing some images of Catamount State Forest with you. Mark, Jenny and I went there for a nice hike a couple of weekends ago. Mc Leod Pond entranced us with its beauty and serenity.



  1. This looks like a beautiful place for hiking and I love the images! Thank you so much for sharing :o)

  2. I am gaga for reflections and yours do not disappoint. Sheer tranquilly

  3. I like your shots of the lily pads. I know that they’re connected to the bottom, but they always seem to be floating freely in the water to me. Magical, really.

    • They are attractive flowers and plants to look at, photograph and contemplate by. I hope Hermine was a non-event in Indiantown, Ellen!

  4. Serene! I love it 🙂 🙂

  5. Could this possibly look any more peaceful and calming? Oh my I think I feel refreshed just having visited. Lovely images Liesbet and perfect for the theme.

  6. Those are all very beautiful!

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