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Dumping our holding tanks at a free dump station along I-5 in California


  1. Congratulations!! Oh my goodness, we are green with envy!! Would you also please post some more pics of the bath and rest of Westy. What year is Westy? # of miles? And what type of mileage are you getting? How much will it tow?
    Seriously, we are very happy for you and pray you will have many safe, trouble-free miles and make multitudes of wonderful memories and friends along the way. God’s best to you!!
    Sandra and Franz
    P.S. We’re going to keep praying knowing that our ideal coach is out there waiting for the right time to come into our lives! So thrilled you found your Westy!

    • Thanks a lot, Sandra and Franz, for the enthusiasm, the encouragement and the excitement! What are you two looking for? It pays to be patient, for sure, but I hope you find the perfect camper soon. I hope to post more photos of the interior of our Zesty over time. First up is giving him a thorough clean, hopefully this week.

      All the Westies in the US are from 2005, but they might not have been imported from Germany until 2006. The vehicle part was actually built the end of 2004. We bought our van with only 46,000 miles on it and so far are getting about 22mpg, but hope for more. We did have heavy headwinds driving from Arkansas to California and it was extremely hot, so we used the AC full-time. It should tow up to 5,000lbs. We don’t plan on ever towing anything, but might add a heavy-duty bike rack to the hitch for two electric bikes, whenever we go full-time and can afford those. 🙂

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