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Guest Post on Global Housesitter X2 – Housesitting in America

Thank you to Suzanne, who interviewed me about house and pet sitting on her informative and entertaining blog. To learn more about this lifestyle, pros and cons and some tidbits thrown in, please hop over to Global Housesitter x 2, and leave a comment if so inclined. I’ll see you there!

Introduction to the interview:

Housesitting in America – Liesbet & Mark

In my series “Interviews with Housesitters”, I will be introducing you to various people who live life differently via slow travel and housesitting.

Liesbet and I have been following each other for a while now, well, since I started getting involved with the Blogging Community.  I have thoroughly enjoyed our interactions and have found Liesbet very informative, fun and a straight talker, a personality trait I find a breath of fresh air.  Then if you are like me you start reading more about her travelling life you too will be inspired at what these two have achieved and enjoyed as a team.

Meet Liesbet and Mark

Mark and Liesbet in Tahiti_edited

Liesbet was born and raised in Belgium but calls herself a world citizen.

Since being a teenager, her two passions have been travel and writing. That’s mainly what she has been doing since her graduation as a teacher, many years ago. Her explorations backpacking and camping led her to many parts of the world and into the arms of her American husband Mark.

With him, she continued her adventures by truck camper, sailboat, and camper van. The closest they’ve ever come to settling down is choosing a lifestyle of house and pet sitting in North America. She is in the process of writing a memoir about the last decade of her unconventional life. Her blog Roaming About – A Life Less Ordinary reports on her writing journey, travels, housesits and expense reports.

What made you choose housesitting as a way of life?

After my husband, Mark, and I sailed full-time on our 35ft catamaran for eight years, while maintaining an income, we were pretty exhausted. We decided to sell the boat in Tahiti and return to the United States, we but didn’t want to settle.

Continue reading here.


Our summer update:

Mark and I are currently wrapping up our last week of being with family in Newburyport, Massachusetts, USA. On Monday, we go on  a three day/two night Amtrak train ride back to Zesty in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Once there, after a deserving shower and a good night sleep, we will be ready for new adventures!


  1. A lovely guest post Liesbet, every interview is a bit different and I really enjoyed reading this one :o) xxx

    • Thank you, Xenia. There is a lot to say and share about house and pet sitting, just like with many other things in our lifestyle. 🙂

  2. Victoria Marie Lees

    July 20, 2018 at 16:46

    You truly are amazing, Liesbet. You have definitely had a life “less ordinary” and it’s not over yet! More power to both of you! I’m heading over to read the other post now. All best to you.

    • Thanks a lot, Victoria. We’re not people who can “sit still” very long. As we enter another chapter in our lives this summer, we hope to pick up our traveling again. No complaints about the house and pet sitting – it was the perfect solution in between adventures (sailing and van life). And, we will still do more, based on our “needs” and my book progress, which I don’t see happen much in the camper.

  3. Hi Liesbet – I left a comment on Suzanne’s blog. Enjoyed reading your guest post. Have a great weekend and safe train travels back to your Zesty.

    • Thanks, Natalie, for commenting here and at Suzanne’s blog. We are all packed and prepared for our long train journey tomorrow, and then… finally, we can take Zesty somewhere quiet, and plan our next adventure. 🙂 I hope you had a fantastic weekend!

  4. Nice interview! It is funny, our house sitting experience is so unique – your one negative is our positive. When we house sit is really the only time we have a social life since we aren’t traveling and we come back every year to the same neighborhood where we used to live and where most of our friends live.

    I have become very attached to some of our pets and after a few years they seem to remember us and become attached to us too!

    Hope your travels are going well!

    • It is so nice to return to familiar places and pets, isn’t it? And, you have the added benefit of meeting friends as well. There are a couple of places, where we have done a repeat house sit. And, it is nice to socialize with the owners the day before they leave and the day after they get back, but there is always a level of stress involved, before anyone leaves on an extended trip. We plan on revisiting a few of the home owners we sat for, this summer and fall. Enjoy your summer as well!!

  5. I decided to come back here to comment 🙂 Loved the interview and love your organizational zest for life. Hmm, zest as in Zesty? LOL. It’s always nice learning more about our friends. And I gotta tell you, I had a chuckle at “We don’t go to tRump country.” Glad to hear it!!! Still, be careful out there. <3

    • Hi Debby! Thanks for the comment. Zest as in Zesty, you got that right. And, I wanted the name of our camper to rhyme with its abbreviation of Westy. Zesty, the Westy. 🙂 We’ll be careful once we hit the road. A few more errands, chores, and projects, and then we will relax for a few days in Colorado, before starting our summer travels in the van.

  6. J.H. Moncrieff

    July 24, 2018 at 23:35

    Great interview! I really enjoyed reading it. It certainly got a huge response from her readers.

    • Thanks! I find that my guest posts are more popular than the ones on my own blog, since I put way more time, thought and energy in them. One day, I hope to be able to devote bigger chunks of time to Roaming About.

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