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At the bottom of Kent Falls

At the bottom of Kent Falls

On the top of Kent Falls

On the top of Kent Falls

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  1. Love the scenic cascade levels of water in these photos.

    • Thanks, Gemma. The falls have so many levels that I was surprised by its beauty and extensiveness the first time I visited.

  2. Murray Crawford

    March 9, 2016 at 17:02

    I’ve been following you two since the Caribbean when I picked up your Blog address in a sailing magazine. I’ve commented a few times before and find your travels Great. Previously a resident of CT, Hawai’i and now in Stuart / SOFLA, —– I think you passed here on the ICW , exiting at the St Lucie inlet here in Stuart on your trip SE across the Gulf Stream to the Bahamas and beyond !!!
    The reason I’m commenting now is that you have gone the Full Circle Route on me —– Ie. you’re in CT in areas where for many years I would take my four boys up north from Darien thru Kent to Kent Falls, up further to ” Clarks Outdoors ” ( if its still there ? ) , where we’d rent canoes for rides down the Housatonic, for camping many times at Macedonia State Park, and skiing at Mohawk Mountain, up North of Kent . At Kent Falls, we would walk right up the Falls to the top, swimming in every pool level to the top, never using the Trail. In fact, in your picture looking down from the top of the Falls one of my boys terrified us all by hanging out in the very narrow top spillway right in the spout where the water makes its first big drop to the pool below. You should drive East over to Lake Waramaug which is probably the nicest lake in the state, very pretty and good size for CT with a scenic road running around the edge of the lake.
    I most enjoyed reading about your sailing thru French Polynesia !!!! Wow !!! Long Island Sound was never like that; HI had similarities. What was your favorite Island in the Leeward Islands from Tahiti ???
    How was Maupitti ? Last question — what was your favorite island in the Eastern Caribbean , and Western Caribbean ? ———- ALOHA

    • Hello Murray,

      How nice to read that you are familiar with this area in CT! I remember some of your comments, most of them submitted when you were in Hawaii, I believe, and I hope you received my replies on the It’s Irie website. We did indeed spend some time on a mooring in Stuart many years ago and left out to sea from there, starting our big adventure. So much has happened since then!

      There is an outdoor store on the edge of Kent, where one can rent canoes, snow shoes, … I will check later what it is called, it might be Clarks Outdoors still, but I don’t remember. Macedonia State Park is my favorite. No camping is allowed over the winter and it is very quiet there at the moment. We were very lucky this winter with the small amounts of snow, so we could go on walks. I am hoping we can still do the long loop hike past all the viewpoints and around the whole park. Maybe the coming weekend. At Kent Falls there is a sign that you are not allowed to swim in the water. Mark and I both raised our eyebrows at that, thinking that these falls would be amazingly fun and refreshing over the summer and wondering whether people would ignore the sign. Lake Waramaug… I am going to look that up online right away and, if it is not too far, we will definitely check it out one of these weekends! Thanks for the tip.

      Our favorite island in the Leewards was Huahine, closely followed by Maupiti, if not the other way around. Huahine was a great place to “sit” for a few months, while we focused on the business and enjoyed the relaxed island life onshore. And, there is a decent grocery and happy hour bar in Fare, the capital. The geography was not as extraordinary as Moorea (another favorite) or Maupiti, but the vibe was right. Maupiti is special, its topography (the view from the top of the mountain there is the best of all of French Polynesia in my opinion, but the hike is pretty strenuous), its location and remoteness, the lack of tourism, the friendly people, the motus, the manta rays. We made some friends there I wouldn’t mind visiting again!

      Our favorite island in the Caribbean is a twofold answer as well. Barbuda stands out for the same reason Maupiti does, but it has much better beaches and feels even more remote. Grenada is our favorite all-around island, where there are many wonderful anchorages, a great vibe, inland adventures to be had, an interesting capital and enough diversity in the market and stores to eat healthy and varied. The people are friendly and life is affordable. We could live there. We enjoyed Carriacou (part of Grenada) and its atmosphere even more, but the relaxedness surpasses everything else.

      I am still looking forward to step foot in Hawaii at some point. Hopefully an interesting house sit comes up by next winter, or, we might explore the island group one day as a vacation from the West Coast. Whenever we have the time and money for a real vacation! 🙂

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