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Wordless Wednesday – Against the Odds

I have decided to post photos (or videos) of past travels in general and our eight year sailing adventure on SV Irie in particular for Wordless Wednesdays.  Also, I can’t manage “completely wordless”, but I’ll try my best at “almost wordless”. 🙂

With thousands of photos and tons of movies haphazardly archived over the years, I can’t easily pick what to post, so I use the weekly prompt of the Daily Post to inspire my Wordless Wednesdays. This week’s Daily Post photography theme is “against the odds“.

Mark does not like to pose for photos, so whenever I can convince him to be in a photo together, against all odds, it makes me happy, let alone when he actually agrees to kiss me! In some ways, the first photo is an all-in-one, what with it being Valentine’s Day yesterday (we do not celebrate this commercial event, but love each other nevertheless, even on an eight-hour drive from Southern to Northern California through heavy traffic in LA) and the WordPress theme “shadow” of last week.  Be brave, adventurous and live against the odds! 🙂

Love on a beach in Acadia National Park, Maine, USA

Hiking in Point Reyes National Seashore, California, USA

Have you done or seen anything against the odds recently?


  1. Surviving that drive is certainly succeeding against the odds. I didn’t eat all the pizza last night, and that was certainly against the odds.

    • I just realized I never replied to this comment. Must not have been notified back then. You are so funny, Ryan. I love it!! xx Many more drives like these since I posted this blog, and we are still together.

  2. I’ve made that drive countless times… “rush hour” is pretty much 24/7. Great pictures!

    • Let’s hope we won’t have to do that drive too many more times. Rush hour in LA, SF and sometimes even in SD are what drives us away from California. Pun not intended. 🙂

  3. Beautifu shotsl. Love Acadia!

  4. Gorgeous ‘shadow shots’, Liesbet. Glad that you survived the drive…especially in heavy traffic!

    • Thanks, Donna. Safe and sound in Northern California and a step closer to Vancouver again. 🙂 Nothing interesting has come up yet, though. Keeping our eyes peeled, for sure.

  5. Ah, wonderful “wordless” post, Liesbet! Love is indeed in the air!

  6. Neither of us likes to pose for photos. I like the idea of shadow photos though. It captures your image without showing too many details.

  7. Nice photo of Pt Reyes. It is magical out there.

  8. Looks like we might have a bit in common. I love Maine, my wife and I also choose to celebrate valentine’s Day 365 days a year (and forego the commercialism of Feb 14), and we are avid travelers. Looking forward to following you here!

    • Thanks for swinging by, Gabe. Avid travelers we are! 🙂 I enjoyed checking out your blog, but I will have to come back one of these days when I have more time. I like you attitude, priorities and writing style. Can’t believe you hiked the Appalachian Trail!!!! That is more than awesome…

  9. How fun are those photos?! The shadow with the coast in the background is stunning! We are not big on celebrating Valentines either. A bit too commercial for our tastes but like you two we try to share the love daily. Against the odds? Well it seems like a lot of our adventures feel that way. Learning to snowboard the most recent of those. 🙂

    • Mark didn’t even know it was Valentine… I had held off telling him, until we were in a (lovable) argument, after hours of driving. 🙂 I am in awe of what you can and are achieving, Sue. It probably has more to do with the attitude than the odds.

  10. Lovely shots!

  11. Great pictures! I really like the heart shadow on the beach. I don’t have very many pictures of me during our cruising years. It’s not that I mind having them taken so much, it’s just that they all seem to come out blurry (or with my eyes closed).

    Stephanie @ SV CAMBRIA

    • You need a hubby that wouldn’t mind taking a whole bunch of photos at once, so there is at least one that will work out. Easier said than done, though, finding that hubby. 🙂

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