In June 2015, Mark and I concluIMG_6254ded an eight year sailing adventure on our 35′ catamaran Irie.  She brought us all the way from Annapolis, MD on the east coast of the United States, via the Bahamas and the Eastern Caribbean, to the northern regions of South America. Then, she safely sailed us to our all-time favorite, the San Blas Islands in Panama, before transiting the famous Canal, and entering the Pacific Ocean on the other side. We had a great time in the Galapagos Islands, followed by two interesting and diverse years afloat in French Polynesia. There, we sold Irie, our trustworthy home and means of transportation since 2007, to pursue new goals.

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The whole story – blog posts and photos – of our eight year journey can be found on our It’s Irie blog: