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It has been nine days already since the Blogging from A to Z Challenge finished and I am finally catching my breath again in regards to blogging and other things in life. The month of April was focused around getting some traction for my Roaming About blog, writing daily and about a certain theme, and incorporating a few other events.

The most important change in Mark and my life, was our move into another house, with a new dog. After spending a busy ten days at our home base in Newburyport, MA, we drove three hours to Heath in the western part of the state, to start a five month house and pet sitting assignment.

Since the owners run a maple farm in the US and have a big conservation project ahead in Vanuatu (south Pacific) during their absence, they were extremely busy until the minute we brought them to the airport. Even in the car, more last-minute arrangements had to be made. This meant that it took us a bit longer than usual to get totally settled and organized in the house. Within the week, we felt home and we have since enjoyed our roomy, comfortable wooden house on the big and beautiful, albeit still brown, property. It is very quiet and we are surrounded by trees. Mark and I love it!

Our new dog, Jenny, is a sweetheart and a very young 12-year old. She needs at least one good walk a day and we enjoy giving that to her and to ourselves, as long as it doesn’t rain. The property and area around the house offer some good hikes, and during the weekend, we try to take her to a park to do some serious exercise in nature.

One of those times, I was a bit too antsy to get down the mountain, and – a thick carpet of leaves covering rocks and roots is held responsible – somehow fell to the ground, my left hand awkwardly landing on a slanted rock. Next thing I knew, I was screaming in pain, followed by 100 identical curse words, starting with f… I saw myself in the emergency room, my upcoming trip to Belgium ruined. When I realized cursing was not going to help and my wits were gathered, I slowly followed Mark and Jenny back to the car, another hour away, my hand throbbing and swelling swiftly. As far as we believed, nothing was broken. I lucked out! And, I still had my right hand to finish the blogging challenge and carry my luggage on the plane and through the airports.

A few months ago, I signed up for a job project, that kept getting postponed, until the very time I did not want it to happen… my few precious “vacation” weeks in Belgium! How annoying that one has to be this desperate for a job, right? So, my computer is still my best friend in times not spent with real friends and family. Despite being served with injuries and an inconvenient work schedule, I did really luck out with the weather: it has been utterly gorgeous from the moment I arrived. I finally found some evidence of spring – it even feels like summer – but I had to fly to Belgium for it! Singing birds, green trees, blooming wildflowers and a happy buzz on walking and biking trails brighten my days. Hopefully, I can bring some of the warm temperatures back to New England in a couple of weeks…


  1. Wondered how you’d damaged your hand! Hope it’s nearly good as new by now – but quite a stretch of challenges you had, on top of THE challenge! Looking forward to some Belgium pictures!

    • In my case, injuries seem to happen for one reason: my clumsiness! 😉 Went to the doctor here in Belgium, since I don’t feel and see any more improvement. She agrees it is not broken and indicated that it would take months to heal. Unless, I put it in a cast. 🙁 You order Belgian photos, I will deliver soon! 🙂

  2. Western Massachusetts looks beautiful. I was actually born in Lowell and lived in Billerica back in the 70s (I think it’s changed a lot since then). It’s been years since I’ve been back (2000?) but still have family in Eastern Mass and Rhode Island.

    Enjoy your time in Belgium and don’t work too hard!


    Stephanie @ SV CAMBRIA

    • You are right, Stephanie. Western Mass is pretty and charming. Similar to Western Connecticut. We are looking forward to the summer – the green surroundings and (wild)life in the woods!

  3. I hope your vacation is grand! It’s been raining here non stop for three days. For some, not a big deal, but I live in a desert. It’s flood central around here…nothing epic or dangerous, just wet.
    I so adore New England. Thanks for the photos.

    • Many areas in the US have been suffering from colder and wetter weather apparently. I hope the sun peeks out today, Ryan! And hopefully not much damage is happening because of the floods. As for New England… soon, right? 🙂

  4. The house-sitting property looks beautiful! What a fun way to experience different slices of life.

    • True, Lucy. Not as exciting as constantly traveling on the road or the water, but still very diverse. And, we do enjoy spending a few months in each new location right now, to become a part of the local area, have our comforts and see new places on the weekends.

  5. blkbtslonglegs

    May 10, 2016 at 22:02

    Looks like a beautiful location to spend the next ten months 🙂 I hope that your hand continues to heal and that you enjoy your time in Belgium.

    • Thanks, Tracy. Hand is healing slowly. Time is Belgium is always special – back to my roots for a few weeks. 🙂

  6. Wow! Sorry to hear your bad news but glad that it wasn’t a break. And I am really happy to hear/see the good news that is your new location and new charge Jenny. Its going to be a great 5 months. Glad that you made it to Belgium in one (albeit somewhat wounded) piece. Gorgeous photos. I especially like the one of Pelham Lake. Wish we were going to Vanuatu so we could run into your clients (and see some really interesting things) but you know how happy I am to be heading northwest.

    • Not going to Vanuatu means that you will make a BIG step towards your goal and your dream! I am so very excited for you, Lisa and I hope the coastal sailing has been pleasant and interesting, without too many boat issues.

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