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A Typical Thanksgiving

During our eight years of sailing around on Irie, there was one day every year when Mark wished he could be in the United States with his family: Thanksgiving. This no-nonsense event has always been his favorite holiday; a relaxed one with heaps of yummy food, without the madness and obligations of Christmas. In the past, we always hoped there would be some fun cruisers around with whom we could celebrate and share a somewhat special meal (chicken or duck instead of turkey, but always heaps of stuffing!).

This year, thanks to Mark’s brother and sister-in-law, we could do the real thing once more. Together with his extended family, we had a wonderful day with an abundance of  tasty food, ending in almost exploding bellies, feeling stuffed like the turkeys we had just consumed!


  1. Thanksgiving is definitely the best American Holiday. Inclusive, just about food and family, huge cash outlays not required. It looks like you guys had a wonderful celebration. Kind of making me hungry.

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