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Day 12 of the A to Z Blogging Challenge – Thoughts on Being a Nomad


Love. Another one of those big and meaningful words, like freedom. One can love many things: possessions, animals, people, dreams, activities, hobbies, food, fashion, photo books, memories… the list goes on forever. My deepest love, in no particular order, goes out to nature, family and friends and my husband. Since the first two subjects of my endearment will be covered in future blogs, this one will focus on the purest form of love I have for the person who is closest to me, physically and psychologically.

Wedding photo in St. Martin

Wedding photo in St. Martin

Loving someone, falling in love and being in love are not the same. As a single nomad, there are plenty of opportunities to love around the globe. I have savored that kind of freedom in the past, not in the least because of the fact that you decide your own fate. If you really like someone when on an extended trip, you hang out with him (or her) and, once you are “getting bored” with your company, you move on. It was a liberating way of life. But… while I thoroughly enjoy being and traveling alone, experiences are better shared with a lifelong partner. It can get lonely out there (my second choice as an L-word) and two peas in a pod make a better and safer combo!

During my lifetime, I have fallen in love twice and I am still in love with the last recipient of these emotions. Mark and I have been together for over 11 years and it is because of our love for each other that we have survived many obstacles, physically and psychologically. Love is the strongest glue to keep two people together, nomads or not. Love is what formed us into a perfect team while sailing our boat for eight years and what brought us peace, understanding, respect, tolerance, patience, compassion and tenderness towards each other ever since. I say, “Cheers to love!” 🙂

Caribbean beach at sunset

Caribbean beach at sunset

Have you fallen in love before? What (or who) do you love these days? What does love mean to you?

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  1. Oh, so sweet! Love your photos. I’m incredibly lucky (another choice for “L”!) to be in love with someone who loves the same things I do. We’ve all read sad stories of people who have had to choose between place (or hobby, or dream job) and person. I’m glad never to have had to make that call. Cheers! — Jaye @ Life Afloat

    • So true, Jaye. We have met many couples who either split up after being on a sailboat together, or had to stop their dream, because the other person couldn’t handle the lifestyle anymore. Just like you, I am fortunate to have a partner who is interested in the same major things in life than me!

  2. What a wonderful post! Congratulations on your love and your friendship. Dave and I have been together for 37 years and although life is never full of rainbows every day, we are best friends and perhaps more in love now then ever. As we go through ht decades the thought of not being with one another is heartbreaking ot think about. It definitely motivates us to live fully every day and seize the joy in life.

    • 37 years, Sue! That is amazing… Congratulations to you both and to your “gift” of keeping your life and therefore relationship adventurous and active. 🙂 When I was younger, I remember thinking “How did they do this?” when I met couples who had been together for ten years. Now that I have been able to reach that milestone, 37 might be in our futures as well! 🙂

  3. So much kissing! I fell in love with my spouse when I was 21 and she was too young to mention. We’ve been married for 23 years and while we sometimes get static, we love each other more now. As we have grown up together, our definition of love has changed and altered. We constantly seek new things about each other, and cling to the stuff we have in common. We aren’t perfect and aren’t always blissfully happy, but we do our best, and our best has been enough.

    • What a wonderful homage to your wife and your relationship, Ryan! Love does grow and change over the years, and while I used to be worried about “the flame” being extinguished, I appreciate the deeper feeling and meaning that come with the years.

      • In my experience, love that doesn’t grow or change is on its way out, or already dead. That flame alters as well. If it didn’t we’d all be in broken relationships.

  4. Yes! 36 years together. Still quite like each other 😉

  5. I like Jaye’s comment about L also being for lucky. I feel lucky to have Scott in my life (24 years and counting) and that we love to do the same things and have the same adventures.

    • That’s right, Ellen, although luck often means making the “right” choices. 🙂 I definitely agree with the lucky factor of loving (continually) the same things in life as your partner.

  6. OH yes. Love saves us, and sometimes we have to save it, too. I have known my husband since I was 18, and this year we celebrate 20 years married. We have done a lot of work, both of us, growing up and together. Perseverance definitely pays off, and I so look forward to the next 20 years and beyond! Blessings to you two, and may your love contribute to all that is good in our world! 🙂

    • Congratulations on your 20th anniversary, Catherine. That is amazing!!! Especially since you both have grown and changed together during your relationships. I wish you many more years together!

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