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It started snowing about a week ago. The forecast predicted about an inch in Kent, CT, but when we woke up on Friday, everything was covered in a thick layer of snow, about five inches of it. Our fridge was empty and we had planned to go grocery shopping for the weekend, since we expected visitors on Saturday. Our low-to-the-ground Prius, however, was comfortably parked in the garage and not up to the task of driving over a relatively steep, long and submerged driveway. Luckily, the snow plow arrived early afternoon, so we could still set out to the stores of New Milford, about a half hour away. By the evening our fridge was sufficiently stocked again. We are a little more vigilant now, when snowfall is predicted.

Our brother-in-law Brian, dog Sophie and daughter Chelsea visited us for the day. Since we are pretty isolated in the foothills of the Berkshires, we enjoy some company once in a while. The four of us, and the three dogs, went for a nice walk on the trails of Bull’s Bridge. It was warm and pleasant out and the leafy paths were not as snowy and uncomfortable to walk on as expected. We all had a marvelous time, humans and dogs!

The day after, it was sunny and warm (45°F!). Mark and I decided to conquer a hill in a park nearby for a view over the surrounding mountains. Henry and Mickey were ecstatic to join us. The virgin snow was piled up high; nobody else had walked the steep trail recently. The dogs set out trail blazing, but poor Mickey sank pretty deep into the snow with each step he did. He is low to the ground as well! Soon, he had clumps of snow restricting his every movement. He was turning into one giant snowball. After 20 minutes, we aborted our attempt to reach the top and returned home. We soaked Mickey in warm water, until his legs halved in size again.

Since then, the temperatures have dropped substantially and the layer of snow has grown to about a foot. Our daily walks are constrained to the shoveled driveway and the plowed street. Nevertheless, the scenery is beautiful and the dogs enjoy every outing. They jump around in excitement, have a little taste of the cold, white substance, sniff and pee and wag their tails happily.


  1. I have snow envy ⛄️. That Bulls Bridge is beautiful. And I think I am falling in love with little Mickey!

    • If I wouldn’t know better, Lisa, I would send you a package full of snow, just for a little taste! Hope it is not too warm in Australia. As for Mickey, feel free to borrow him any time! But, not for too long. 🙂

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