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Meet the Animals – Our pets for Three Months in Kent, CT

For three months, Mark and I will be living in the roomy, comfortable house of an ex-rock star from the sixties and seventies (think Woodstock) and a renowned and accomplished artist (think ceramics, paintings), while they are seeking warmer climes, exchanging art for accommodation.

Four pets will keep us company and receive all the attention they can get…

Meet Henry

He is a ten-year-old dog with a bulky head, a wagging tail and a great personality. He is sweet and attached, listens well and prefers to be around us. He loves going on walks, running in the woods, and snuggling up on the couch. And, getting dog treats. He usually can’t be bothered by his brother, but sometimes he likes to wrestle with him and give him kisses.

Meet Mickey

Mickey is the youngest member of the household, but not the littlest. He is a small dog with a lot of character, who occasionally bugs his brother, but mostly cuddles up with him, showering him with love. He attacks the TV, barking at most anything that moves, from cars to horses to whales, and growls when you accidentally kick him with your feet at night. But, he means well and is very cute. He is intrigued by Koo Koo, likes eating apples, broccoli and carrots, and just loves to be part of the pack.

Meet Tutu

Parrot Tutu is in her twenties and our hosts have had her since she was a chick. She is quite happy hanging out in her cage and eating her favorite treats: mandarins, carrots, peanuts in the shell and matzos. Once in a while she makes a peep, but usually she silently contemplates on one of her foot rests, swings on a curled rope or moves a plastic hanging toy so it rubs her head exactly at the right spot.

Meet Koo Koo

He is the pet with most character (and attitude) and he is in charge. He enjoys hanging out on top of the TV cabinet, flying upstairs (therefore inadvertently antagonizing and being chased by Mickey), playing with his favorite toy on the landing and pecking at the wood moldings. He is extremely funny and cracks us up with his quotes, whistles, voice and sounds. He has the habit of moving his food into his water bowl, creating a soggy mess, and loves mandarins and matzos.

We will have a lot of stories to share about these wonderful beings and the parts they play in our temporary Kent lives!

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