Kent sits in a valley of the Berkshire Mountains

After two months of living in a comfortable home, house sitting and taking care of four pets, near a small town called Kent, it is about time that I show you why I think it is pretty quaint here. Kent is the closest village to us (technically we live in South Kent, which has no town center at all). It takes about ten minutes to drive there from “our” house in the hills. With a population of barely 3000 people, not much is going on in town. The main buildings and businesses are scattered along Main Street/Route 7 and within five minutes, you’ve seen it all on foot. It is one of those cute Connecticut towns in a valley of the Berkshires.

On recent weekends, when the sun was out, the little town center was swarmed with bikers and tourists alike, having lunch or a cup of coffee outside or strolling the sidewalks. During the week and at night, however, Kent is dead. Even the two bars are closed, which we learned on Mark’s birthday last Tuesday. We usually stop by a couple of times each week, to pick up mail at the post office, buy a few grocery items we ran out of, make copies at the library, drop off garbage and recyclables or take out Chinese food.

The closest “big” town – 30 minutes away – is New Milford, where we do our shopping every other week, and where Thai Charm is located. I mistakenly thought this Thai restaurant was in Kent and planned to take Mark out to dinner there… I know, I should have done a bit more research for his special day, or, we should house sit where the weather is great every day and there is no off season! Maybe next winter?  🙂