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Wordless Wednesday – Bridge to a Less Evil World

Bridge to peace

May(be) we find peace and love on the other side


  1. Perfect picture and caption given yesterday’s events, and all the other horrible things, large and small, that happen each and every day that chip away at peace and love. See, I love WW – with just one picture, you’ve given me so much to think about.

    • Thanks, Ellen. The events are fresh in my mind. I am so glad that none of my friends and family were in the city that day. My brother was scheduled to fly out the next day and my aunt’s meeting had been moved to a different city that day, otherwise, she would have been in the metro station that was bombed… Here’s to a better world!!

  2. Something we’re much in need of, Liesbet!

  3. Oh Liesbet I have just read your comment above! How absolutely frightening for your family members and all of you! Let us hope for peace in this world, where embracing differences becomes the norm. Sending hugs your way.

    • Thanks, Sue. Differences make this world interesting, whether it is cultures, looks, opinions, wildlife, scenery… If more people would travel, they would understand. Here’s to expanding our horizons, learning about each other, and having an open mind, healthy understanding and peaceful attitude!

  4. van keer marie-thérèse

    March 24, 2016 at 12:16

    Hier was het een zwarte dag. We rouwen allemaal. Hoe kunnen we dit stoppen over heel de wereld!

  5. That is one gorgeous photo! Like a painting. In addition to all of the other blogging stuff that you have got going, have you thought of participating in the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge? This week’s challenge is landscape, and you certainly have a lot to share in that regard. Check it out (

    • Great idea, Lisa. I have heard a lot about the daily post photo challenges, on your blog and others. It sounds like fun, but I might wait to participate until April is over. There are so many challenges, themes and ideas out there I am starting to realize, now that I am immersing myself a little bit in the blogging world. Wow. Overwhelming! You are doing good picking and choosing the things that lay closest to your heart and passion!

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