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Wordless Wednesday – H2O

I have decided to post photos of past travels in general and our eight year sailing adventure on SV Irie in particular for Wordless Wednesdays.  Also, I can’t manage completely “wordless”, but I try my best at “almost wordless”. 🙂

Since I have archived thousands of photos over the years and can’t easily pick what to post, I use the weekly prompt of the Daily Post to inspire my Wordless Wednesdays. This week’s Daily Post photography theme is “H2O“.

Water = life. To most first world citizens, water is a wide-spread commodity, a convenience that does not require a lot of thought. When Mark and I were traveling the world on our sailboat, salt water was everywhere and fresh water was precious. Even now, I am still aware of how easy and nice it is to take a shower and run the tap without worrying about wasting any of the liquid that comes out. The washing machine, the dish washer, watering the plants… an abundance of H2O is one of the niceties of living in a house.

On Irie, we lived on the water, took showers in the ocean, did dishes in a bucket with seawater and were happy with a good downpour, since we collected rainwater for our fresh water supply. That fresh water was used to drink, cook, rinse the dishes and ourselves, and do laundry by hand. Needless to say, water quite literally meant life to us, in all its aspects. So, it would make sense to post a photo of our eight-year watery life for this theme, especially since I have thousands that qualify. But, since Mark and I are currently on the road for many days, crossing the country from east to west, I cannot access our hard drive to pick and choose one of my favorite H2O photos. Instead, I am sharing a few photos of Cape Cod with you.  Soon, I hope to report on our week-long house sit there… It has to be said, even when not sailing our boat anymore, we are still drawn to the water, wherever we find ourselves!

What does H2O mean to you?


  1. I can definitely relate to the washing of dishes in a bucket with salt water! One of the things I love about being at a marina is long showers without worrying about how much water I’m using.

    • Yes! That is a joy of a marina (or a boat yard with showers), or a campground. Especially after a long day in the heat or at work. 🙂

  2. We’re very lucky to have easy access to fresh water. Even though at the moment we have to borrow a car to drive to the Fire Station to fill up jugs of water (the boat yard does not have drinking water), it’s still available – unlike many places in the world. Also, I can’t imagine being landlocked – whether it’s a stream in the mountains, or an ocean – I too am always drawn to water!

    • Isn’t it interesting how some of us get attracted to the waterfront, or a lake, or a stream. I just love the sound of nature’s free running water as well, whether it is the waves, a stream or a waterfall. Glad you can get some water over there, but too bad the boat yard doesn’t have drinking water. It could be worse, though, like when we were hauled out on the atolls of the Tuamotus and there wasn’t even running water, let alone drinking water. We had to rinse our boat with cups out of a barrel of rainwater. 🙂 I hope that your projects are going well and that you can get back into the saltwater soon! Good luck, Lucy!!!

  3. Lovely shots. I miss the Cape. And I certainly hear you on how precious water is. Have a great road trip.

  4. Gorgeous pics of Cape Cod ~ such a pretty part of the world.

    It is so true that when something so basic for survival as clean drinking water, is in short supply, then we really appreciate it. Otherwise most people who have it in abundance, take it for granted.

    A lack of of sufficient drinking water is already such a global problem. I just met someone who is working on converting sea water to drinking water. Now that would be a terrific thing to have with you on your sailboat adventures!

    I am also so drawn to bodies of water, I really need to be near them or I get “overheated” … must be my triple fire signs.


    • A lot of cruisers actually have a water maker on board, which does exactly that, turn salt water into fresh water to drink. They are expensive and require quite a bit of maintenance (on top of needing holes in your hull for them and a lot of power to run them). We never had one and preferred to collect water or get water from shore in jugs. More hassle, but much cheaper and in a way, satisfying… It does offer more self-reliance and comfort to have a water maker and most long-term sailors have one these days.

  5. Wonderful photos of Cape Cod. Your description of living on the boat and the treasure of fresh water really makes me think how much I take water forgranted. Here in Western Canada we have no shortage other than occasionally in the heat of summer which lasts for a matter of days or at worst a week or two. Your post has given me food for thought. I am notorious for letting the tap run when i brush my teeth. I think your words will change that habit for me. Thank you!

    • When water just keeps coming out of the tap, it is easy to not think much of it. It is a luxury of modern society. I am very happy and relieved that you will turn the tap off during the act of brushing your teeth, Sue. At a supposedly 2-3 minute brush, that is a lot of water being wasted. Twice a day… 365 days a year. I know for a lot of people it doesn’t matter and we do it because “we can”, or because we don’t really think about it, but I hate all that waste of resources, regardless of what it is.

  6. I’ve never been to Cape Cod, but I definitely have a romantic picture of it in my mind. Would love to visit it one day. Your photos are lovely.

    I think it’s a good thing to learn to appreciate water. I’m a huge water person as well. I love the beach and can spend hours in the bath. To me, it means comfort. It always makes me feel better.

    • I guess water does not only mean life, it means comfort as well. I am familiar with the bath concept and try it out once or twice a year or so as well, based on bath tub availability. 🙂 While a bit overrated, Cape Cod has its charms and beauty as well. I hope you’ll be able to explore that area in the future!

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